MEDLight UK, the exclusive distributor in the UK for Medlight UV Phototherapy devices and accessories.

Professional UV Phototherapy

MEDLight UK draws on over 60 years of experience from a leading and globally respected German manufacturer of medical light technology. MEDLight provides innovative UV Phototherapy equipment, designed for, and used by, medical professionals across the globe.

MEDLight UK also benefits from over 20 years of experience of supplying and working closely with the NHS in the UK, so we are uniquely placed to be able to supply medical grade ultra violet devices to the NHS and private clinics.


Our UV phototherapy devices for the diagnosis and treatment of dermatological conditions.

View our complete range of products, from full body UV Phototherapy cabins, to handheld diagnostic tools.


Our service to the NHS, hospitals and clinics using Medlight ultra-violet phototherapy devices.

We have over 60 years of experience and work closely with the NHS and other medical bodies.


MEDLight UK is committed To develop the highest quality, customer driven UV Phototherapy equipment.

Our promise is to provide high quality equipment for the medical treatment of skin conditions.

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The N-Line Pro full body UV cabin

N-Line Pro UV Cabin

Our top of the range professional UVA, UVB or combined UV Full Body Phototherapy Cabin.

40 Years of History with the NHS Hospitals and Private Clinics

We are proud to be able to draw on a long and successful history supplying both the NHS and private clinics up and down the United Kingdom. This history not only means it is easy to order with us, as we know how the procurement processes work, it also means we know what is really important to our clients.

Our high quality medical devices are designed and built with you in mind, and we have evolved the design and functionality over the years based on feedback from our clients.

To find out how we can help your trust, hospital or clinic then contact us now, and we will be delighted to talk through our product range, our service and our promise to you.