Our promise to all of our customers of our UV phototherapy cabins, diagnostic tools and devices.

Our Promise

MEDLight UK – Our Promise and Vision

Drawing on our long history, MEDLight UK is committed to providing high quality UV Phototherapy equipment to NHS Hospitals, private clinics and other medical organisations throughout the UK.

MEDLight UK has a successful history working with medical organisations and professionals across the country, and indeed, the globe. We take feedback very seriously, and we incorporate suggestions in our product development.

To develop the highest quality, customer driven UV Phototherapy equipment.

The statement above is our core promise to our customers, and it drives everything that we do, from product development, training and continued support. We offer a full warranty on all our products, and are on hand engineers should you require technical assistance.

We strongly believe that delivery of one of our products is only a step in our journey together and want a close working relationship with all of our customers.

MEDLight UK, bringing the benefits of UV light to medical phototherapy treatment

Through the ages

MEDLight UK is in the ideal position to draw on the history and ethos of two long-running businesses, MEDLight EU and MGC Lighting. MEDLight EU was foundered in Germany over 60 years ago and remains the manufacturing location of all of our Devices. MGC Lighting boasts over 40 years of experience of supplying products into the NHS, Hospital trusts and private clinics across the UK and indeed around the world.

This mix of German engineering and the intimate knowledge of the UK NHS service and how private clinics operate allows MEDLight UK to offer professional UV phototherapy devices that work how you expect them to.