Our full range of UV phototherapy products, from full body cabins and replacement UV bulbs to handheld diagnostc tools

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Our range of UV Phototherapy Devices

We have spent the last 60 years developing and improving our range of products for the treatment of skin conditions in hospitals and clinics around the world. Below is our full range of devices, from full body UV phototherapy cabins, to handheld diagnostic devices.

Our full body UV Phototherapy devices, the N-Line Pro, N-Line and OCTODerm cabins.

Full Body UV Phototherapy Devices

We have three models for the full body UV Phototherapy treatment. The N-Line and N-LinePro are full sized hospital grade devices, ideal for the treatment of the whole body. The OCTODerm is our compact phototherapy cabin which is designed for where space is limited.

The PSOR comb for the localised UV treatment, including the scalp.

Localised UV Phototherapy Devices

Our range of products for the treatment of localised conditions, like the scalp, hands and feet allow for targeted treatment of skin conditions. This reduces exposure of other parts of the body to the UV light and can increase the efficiency of the treatment plan.

The TrevioLux offers photodynamic therapy treatment.

Photodynamic Therapy Devices

The TrevioLux is designed to offer top of the range build quality and the efficient application of photodynamic therapy. It boasts a compact design and offers a variety of applications and short treatment times.

Our testing and diagnostic equipment offers reliable, accurate diagnostic to allow for effective treatment plans.

Testing and Diagnostic Devices

The ability to accurately and reliably diagnose not only the condition, but to help create the correct treatment plan for the skin type of the patient. Our range of testing and diagnostic devices are designed to help you with accurate information.

Our range of replacement UV bulbs are all manufactured by Philips, which have been shown to the be the most effective and safe for UV treatment.

Replacement UVA & UVB Tubes

Our range of UV treatment devices use only official tubes from Philips. These are widely recognised to be the best in class for efficiency and safety. We stock a range of both UVA and UVB tubes for full body cabins and our localised treatment devices.


Our mission is to offer the highest specification and top quality equipment.

Our Products, tailored to your requirements

We have over 40 years of experience supplying hospitals, clinics and other medical organisations. This allows us to benefit from the knowledge of how the devices are going to be purchased, serviced and operated. 40 years of supplying medical devices and parts into the NHS and private clinics means that we are set up and able to follow usual procurement and purchasing systems and requirements.

If you have any questions about our products, who we are and what we can offer then please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be delighted to help.