MED-Tester Mini

The MED-Tester is a light sensitivity testing device that is used to allow for the optimised UV therapy plan and light therapy.  The compact design allows for easy use, and it provides accurate results and is an indispensable aid for professional testing and diagnosis.

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The MED-Tester is available as UVA or UVB device.  This allows for the application to areas that are not usually exposed to UV from the sun.  How the skin reacts to the tester will indicate the optimum starting dose for UV therapy 16 – 24 hours later.

Skin can change its photosensitivity with different seasons and how the body is functioning, this means that it is recommended to checking photosensitivity regularly.

The MED-Tester Mini allows the healthcare professional to accurately determine the maximum initial dose for the patient and therefore ensuring an efficient and safe treatment plan.

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230 V – 50Hz

Power Consumption

50 VA


317 mm


52 mm


48 mm