N-LinePro UV Cabin

Our top of the range full body UV phototherapy cabin, the N-Line pro boasts an oval shape which allows for it’s 40 UV tubes to have even irradiation distances.  The cabin adapts to the outline of the human body, and this avoids fractional overdose and allows for optimised power distribution.

Available Models

UVA – 40 UVA tubes

UVB – 40 UVB tubes

Combined UVA & UVB – 20 UVA tubes & 20 UVB Tubes

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Our N-Line Pro full body UV cabin boasts space for 40 UV tubes, these can either be UVB narrowband tubes, UVA tubes or a combination of 20 UVB and 20 UVA tubes.  This flexibility allows for the cabin to be able to offer the treatment that the patient requires, whether that is UVA or UVB light therapy.

The N-Line Pro also boasts 4 continuous sensors, which not only monitor but also equalises the UV intensity of the tubes, this allows for more efficient and reliable application of UV light therapy.

The N-LINE Pro is equipped with a modern touch screen enabling the user to choose from 3 options: direct dosage input, programme of therapy steps, or time input. And an acrylic glass security cover in front of the tubes and an electrical door that immediately switches the cabin off should the patient open the door.


  • Prestige luxury design and finish
  • Normal length inexpensive UV tubes
  • Four high power UV-Sensors
  • Oval plan shape of the cabin, body shaped, for equal irradiation
  • Security contact door
  • Low-noise ventilation system
  • Time saving, easy menu navigation
  • Easy (programme) input via touch screen
  • Acrylic glass
  • Security cover for the UV-tubes
  • Viewing window
  • Removable non-slip floor for ease of cleaning

Personal and patient goggles included in the delivery

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Additional information



Power Supply

380-400 V, 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption

4,900 W


121 x 114 x 214 cm


330 kg