OCTODerm Compact Phototherapy Cabin

The OCTADerm compact phototherapy cabin is designed to be our smallest and most compact unit available for the treatment of the whole body.  This cabin is ideal for clinics where there is limited space available and requires a smaller and more flexible cabin.

Available Models

UVA – 8 UVA tubes

UVB – 8 UVB tubes

The UVB Octaderm cabin is available for sale via Psoriasis Care UK

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Designed to be mobile and easy to use, this UV cabin is equipped with eight 100 watt UV tubes, these can either be narrowband UVB (311nm) or UVA tubes.  To further increase the efficiency of the cabin, there is a reflector made of polished, high-purity aluminium to reflect the UV light to the patient.  Gentle electronic starters are installed to further increase the longevity of the device.

To ensure the safe operation of the device and any unwanted activations, the cabin can only be turned on using a key switch.  The cabin comes with a modern control panel which allows for the individual pre-setting of dose limits according to the patients’ requirements, this can reduce the risk of any accidental over dosing.  To further protect both the patient and the UV lamps themselves, the tubes are covered with a transparent acrylic plate.

The UV phototherapy cabin can be pre-set for the treatment of the whole body by section.  The dosage will be set, and the cabin will instruct the patient to turn in the cabin so that a different side of the body is exposed to the UV light for the correct amount of time.  The programme can be set to do 1,2, 3 or all 4 sides of the body and the patient will be prompted to change when the correct dosage has been achieved.

To enable effective treatment of the full body, the UV tubes are positioned close to the ground, this ensures that the lower legs can achieve effective treatment.

The OCTODerm cabin boasts lockable, rubber castors so that the handling and transportation of the cabin during daily use.  The cabin also boasts storage of accessories such as UV goggles in the lid via insert pockets.  This helps increase efficiency and makes it easier for storage.

Numerous forms of psoriasis, pruritus, acne vulgaris, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis and vitamin-D deficiency.

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Additional information



Power Supply

230 V – 50 Hz

Power Consumption

1,550 VA


69 x 69 x 195 cm


35.5 kg

CE Certified